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The worlds of art, politics and passion collide in John L’Heureux’smasterful new novel, The Medici Boy. With rich composition,L’Heureux ingeniously transports the reader to Donatello’s Renaissance Italy—directlyinto his bottega, (workshop), aswitnessed through the eyes of Luca Mattei, a devoted assistant.

While creating his famous bronze of Davidand Goliath, Donatello’s passion for his enormously beautiful model andpart time rent boy, Agnolo, ignites a dangerous jealousy that ultimately leadsto murder. Luca, the complex and conflicted assistant, willsacrifice all to save the life of Donatello, even if it means the life of the mastersculptor’s friend and great patron of art, Cosimo de’ Medici.
John L’Heureux’s long-awaited novel delivers both a monumental andintimate narrative of the creative genius, Donatello, at the height of his powers.With incisive detail, L’Heureux beautifully renders the master sculptor’s forbiddenhomosexual passions, and the artistry that enthralled the powerful and highlycompetitive Medici and Albizzi families. The finished work is a sumptuouslydetailed historical novel that entertains while it delves deeply into both thesacred and the profane within one of the Italian Renaissance’s mostconsequential cities, fifteenth century Florence.

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