Catching Air

I have to say that this book is far better then The Best of Us, the last book from Sarah. Not that I did not like that book. I just felt more of a greater connection with Kira, Alyssa, and Dawn. Which I was a little surprised about. After the last book and the fact that I had my doubts about this book. I thought that the women were going to be needy and whiny. Luckily this was not the case. In fact, I liked the women more because I felt they had formed a good friendship bond and were strong each in their own way. The men were more of an after thought for me. All there women had issues to deal with but they did it in a good way. I wanted to be their friends.

There was a reader question that I liked and it was " Would you ever want to move to a vacation destination and open your own business? If yes, where in the world would you pick? What would the business be? Who would you want to run it with?"

My answer is: I would move to a vacation destination and open my own business. I have two that come to mind. The first is a B&B in Ireland. I have never been to Ireland (Yet). However I love the lush green fields and countryside depicted in the pictures that I have seen. The reason I would open a B&B is because I remember looking at catalogs of all of the different bedding and falling in love with it and thought how cool would it be to pick out all the bedding I wanted and decorate different themes for different rooms. I would run it with my husband.

My second business would be a horse ranch where people could come and stay in Montana. I love horses and cowboys (the real ones) and of course Montana. I would run it with my husband and family.


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