Willow Pond

Review by Nancy

Laura Austin has just successfully left his philandering husband when a mother’s worst dream happens. Her son is kidnapped while at his father’s home of Willow Pond. Laura is sure that Phillip is behind it because his movie career is waning and there’s nothing like a hot story to bring him back. She never even considers the other people in her life.

In the Roaring Twenties in New York where flappers abound and dirty deeds are blamed on the mob, the police are duds where investigation is concerned and, when the man they’ve just discovered was part of the deed ends up with a bullet in the head they’re stuck. Laura’s aunt Virginia has mob connections through her speak-easys and her lavish salon called Baccanel. Does she has have what it will take to help Laura find her son? Or – is she in on it? Never!

This first novel is a gem. The descriptions of clothing, vehicles and saloons are dead on. The characters know all the local language from the era and the plot unfolds really well. Ms. Tibaldi has done an excellent job of keeping us on the edge while waiting for Todd to be found. If he is, that is.

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