Line of Fire by Stephen White

Review by Nancy

I have read all of Stephen White's novels. I started when I lived In Longmont, CO which is basically Boulder-east and was so enthralled with Alan Gregory, Sam Purdy and their friends that I couldn't put any of them down. The same goes today - I loved this book.

Alan, psychologist, therapist, husband, father and friend is about to find out all sorts of interesting thing about several folk in his life. He knows that Lauren, his wife, is a top-notch lawyer for the Boulder DA's office. He knows that his best friend Sam the cop is hiding something major. His partner, Diane, who has had several bad years; is coming apart at the seams. Not that she doesn't have reasons, but.....

And then in walk two new patients: Amanda who has a background no one would want and Rick who is not at all who he seems to be. He's a lot more worrisome. Amanda's brother passed away from cancer and she helped ease his pain. Rick (aka Comadoe - you'd have to read it) apparently overheard a conversation while in a semi-coma that links Sam and maybe Alan to a murder in another town. Did Sam do it? Maybe. Did Alan know about it? Yep. Did Alan know Sam took Lauren's car? Not bloody likely!

The ease with which Stephen White comes up with plots worries me a bit. Not many are this good all of the time. He is. The part that worried me before I read this story was that this is the second to the last book about Boulder, Alan and Sam. We all know good things come to an end but - dammitt - I really liked these. And you will really love this one!   Purchase a copy here


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