Wild Card makes me want to sign up for my own Navy SEAL man.

Nathan Malone is a Navy SEAL. He is leaving his new wife, Sabella. Nathan’s mission was to rescues three girls from a Colombian drug cartel, uncover the mole, and get out. Instead Nathan is captured and almost every bone in his body is broken. Nathan is lucky to be alive. Nathan has a new identity…Noah Blake. Nathan is fine with never seeing his wife again but when he learns that Sabella is in trouble with the Black Collar Militia, he can not just stand by and do nothing. Only how long with Nathan let Sabella believe that Nathan is dead and there is only Noah?

Wild Card makes me want to sign up for my own Navy SEAL man. This is one steamy read. Noah and Sabella sizzle together. Sabella is one strong woman. She is Noah’s type. I am surprised however that Sabella did not realize that Noah was her husband sooner. I love that Sabella was loyal to her husband and did not just give in to Noah instantly. She did fight her desires for him in memory of her husband. However, it would be hard to resist for too long with a guy like Noah, especially when he is tempting Sabella along the way. After reading this book, I will now have to go back and read all the other books in this series.


The_Book_Queen said…
Oh, I love this series! :D I think Leigh was the first Navy SEAL book that I read (this would have been at least 6 yrs ago?), and ever since I've never looked back! Now I love my SEALs. And Special Ops, and, well, etc, etc. LOL.

Cheryl said…
Yes, I can see why you love this series. I do have to agree that men in uniform are very sexy

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