From Blood...This is a must read!

Review by Nancy

In a story with as many surprises as murders, Edward Wright shows us that unexpected tragedies can end up being totally unexpected happiness.

Shannon hadn’t ever felt she fit in. She was dark-haired, sister Beth pure blond. Beth was whiney, beautiful and a dutiful daughter. Shannon met the folk at the city jail, smoked pot, and in general did all she could to not be what her parents wanted. Until they are killed. Then she uncovers photos of them marching, fists raised, protesting. PROTESTING?!? Roy and Mora Fairchild? The King and Queen of the university faculty? Who knew?

Turns out quite a few people. Most with bad intentions. They think Shannon knows more than she does. They think she has the key to finding “the treasure.” She doesn’t but she’s damn sure going to!

What a great story! There is familial love, many surprises, murders left and right and, through it all; Shannon doing things in her own, stubborn, sometimes misguided way but trying to make it all right. This is a must read!

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