The Lutheran Ladies Circle: Plucking One String

Review by Nancy

Anyone who has ever lead or been on a committee will tell you that this book it the honest truth. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Church committee, PTA, whatever – you will know these ladies well. You probably ARE one of them but may not admit it!

Vera has been a pastor’s daughter, pastor’s wife and is now a pastor’s widow. She has run the Shaded Valley Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Oklahoma her way for the past 25 years and now doesn’t know what to do with herself. So she continues on…..and on….. The other ladies in the Ladies Circle haven’t been happy with Vera for years but – she was the pastor’s wife and that was that. However, the “times they are a-changin’.”

This book is hilarious, sad and wonderful. These ladies are their own worst enemies but strive to do Good Work for their church; sometimes in spite of themselves. There are such funny stories to be told! My favorite was the Christmas Pageant which Vera appoints the Church Organist to oversee. The kids are hysterical and I was laughing out loud in many places.

Vera may be the husband appointed Manager of the Universe but this time the Universe seems to be trying to tell her something: LISTEN!

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