Lip Service

Julia Sterling is the wife of Dr. Paul Sterling. Her husband is a psychiatrist. When Julia met Paul, she was seeing a psychiatrist. So when during the beginning of their marriage when Paul would treat Julia more like one of his patients then his wife, this would explain why Julia dealt with it. As the years passed however, Julia wanted Paul to see her more as his wife and not as his patient. This included being sexual in the bedroom. They have no relationship. Paul does not even want to touch Julia.

Julia is offered a chance to write a book. It is about sex and therapists. In order to truly do the book justice, Julia decides to take a course in learning how to be a "phone sex therapist". Soon, Julia is talking to many clients.

I had really high expectations of this book. I know what M. J. Rose can produce and so I was excited to try her as an erotic author. Unfortunately I was not feeling this book at all. The phone sex scenes were not enough to keep me interested. The characters after a while got on my nerves. I found Julia's husband, Paul to be really condescending. The way that he constantly psychoanalyzed Julia was awful. The way that Julia would put up with Paul was annoying. I found myself yelling at her in the beginning to just leave Paul. I know why Julia had her reasons but she did not need to stay.

I could understand how Julia became drawn to phone sex as she was not getting any. It was during these times that Julia really opened up. When the story was fully revealed and was winding down, I thought the ending was just ok. There was no real surprise that the reader could not see coming. Overall, this was not one of my favorite erotic novels. I think I will stick to M.J. Rose's reincarnation series.


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