Lucky Bastard

Nick Monday is a private detective. Nick is not just your run of the mill detective either. Nick has a knack for taking people’s luck. You did not know that you could steal someone’s luck. Well you can. Not everyone is born lucky, some purchase their own luck. This is where Nick comes in.

Nick was sitting in his office when in walks a tall brunette. Her name is Tuesday Knight. She wants to hire Nick. Someone has stolen her father’s luck and she wants Nick to get it back. Tuesday’s father just happens to be the mayor of San Francisco. The payoff is right up Nick’s alley. Soon Nick finds himself in over his head.

I have not read anything by this author yet. So this was my first time seeing what Mr. Browne had to bring to the table. He brought comedic relief, some wacky and interesting characters, a sarcastic main lead…all rolled up into a quick read! Yep, that is Lucky Bastard. Some are born lucky and others have to beg, steal and kill for it.

I liked Nick Monday. He has an interesting personality. He is someone that at times I could hate but then quickly turn around and cheer for him. Part of the reason that I had this love/hate relationship with Nick was that I found what he did as a job intriguing and I liked his sarcasm but on the other hand he could also be crude. The sexual comments he made got old quick.

To be honest if it was not for Nick then I probably would have given up on this book a long time ago. The rest of the characters I found just ok. They never really grabbed my attention and they could have been anyone. Although, this is a quick read. This book was middle of the road for me but not always a bad thing.


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