Watch out for the Dust!

Karen McKay lived a nice, quiet life. She has a place in the Rock Haven condos. Most of her neighbors keep to themselves. Karen was unloading groceries when a mysterious dust cloud appears. This dust cloud is not your typical cloud of dust. No this dust comes in the colors of red, green and blue. The dust picks up a collectable of Karen’s and it violently crashes to the floor, shattering in a bunch of little pieces.

Karen thinks nothing of the incident…till later that night; she hears one of her neighbor’s dog barking. Karen goes to investigate. She finds her neighbor, Marion lying at the bottom of the stairs…dead. Karen calls her ex-husband, Jerry for help. Soon, other accidental incidents start happening to the other residents of Rock Haven. No one can figure out what is causing all these accidents. The only thing that ties them together is the mysterious dust. Can Karen and Jerry figure out what dust wants before it takes them out for good.

I thought the concept for this book was different in an interesting way. The idea that an unknown force could cause havoc and maybe death in the form of killer dust is unique, to say the least. While I did like the characters and the plot kept me intrigued, the only issue I had was that I had a hard time believing in the story. I would have liked the storyline to be a little more believable. Also the ending seemed rushed. Overall, a decent, quick read.


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