The Good Plain Cook

The year is 1926 in Sussex. Kitty Allen was reading the newspaper when she spotted a wanted ad.

The ad said…Wanted – Good plain cook to perform domestic duties for artistic household. Room and board included. Broad outlook essential.

Kitty has been pondering whether to respond to the ad for several days. She decides to respond. Kitty wasn’t sure what to expect but I can tell you it wasn’t Ellen Steinberg and her daughter, Geenie. Greenie runs around putting holes in walls and pretty much doing whatever she wants. I don’t know what perceived thoughts Londoners have about Americans but if they met Ellen, it would be that we are all crazy. Ellen is eccentric and not just a little. One of her favorite past times is to sun bath in the nude. Ellen’s lover, George Crane is a poet. He loves Ellen but he gets embarrassed easily by Ellen and her antics.

Bethan Roberts is a new author to me. I absolutely fell in love with this book. The character that really held a place in my heart wasn’t Kitty but Mrs. Steinberg. She was so care free and eccentric and didn’t care what anyone thought of her. Even if she made a fool of herself. I thought Ellen did as good an enough job trying to raise her daughter. There were a few times when Greenie could have used a few good spankings. Kitty was nice. She was too much of a wall flower for me. She became somewhat over shadowed by Ellen. To experience what British authors is cooking up on the other side of the pond, than you should check out The Good Plain Cook by Bethan Roberts.


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