One Lucky Cowboy

Slade Luckadeau is the man of the ranch. He likes it that way. He will not see some woman come waltzing in and make herself at home. Slade doesn’t care if his grandmother invited her to work at the ranch. Slade believes that Jane Day is hiding something and he doesn’t like it. Slade can’t get Jane off the property fast enough.

Jane Day is on the run for her life. She has no where to go but forward. Just her luck, a nice lady invites Jane to come to the ranch. She can stay in exchange for helping out. From the first moment, Jane and Slade met, they did not hit things off. As time passes, Jane starts to get under Slade’s skin. Will Jane and Slade be a match made in heaven or hell?

I liked this book. So far though, Lucky in Love is my favorite. One thing I do have to admit is that all of the Luckadeau men are H-O-T! The chemistry that Slade and Jane started out slow but once it got up to speed…watch out. I like Jane. She is a firecracker. Slade definitely needs someone like Jane to keep him in his place. It was funny that Slade thought he was a ladies man but all it took was someone like Jane to throw his whole game off. I did struggle a little with this book. Like Jane and Slade, It was slow going for be at first. Also, this book wasn’t as funny as the prior one. Overall still a good read. I do plan to read the final book in this trilogy.


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