Wild Blue Under

In Over Her Head, readers were introduced to Reel Tritone. Well in Judi Fennell’s latest release, readers are again brought back to the magical underwater of mermen and mermaids. This time it is Rod Tritone’s story.

Rod’s father is set to retire soon. When this happens, Rod will become the new Mer-King. Unfortunately there is one problem…the council has rules that Rod has to marry. Besides we call now that you can’t rule without a Queen by your side. Rod goes in search for his wife. He trades his fin for a pair of land legs.

Valerie Dumere was born from a merman as a father and a human for a mother. This doesn’t matter as Valerie is afraid of the sea. This is a problem when she is slated to become toe new Queen under the sea. When Rod shows up at Valerie’s door, he can’t deny an attraction he feels towards Valerie. Rod doesn’t have much time to convince Valerie that she belongs with him.

I like this series. As soon as I start reading, I am instantly transported to the sea. It is almost like I can feel the water enveloping me. Judi Fennell makes me wish I was a mermaid. The Tritone men are handsome and sexy. I liked Rod and Valerie but I didn’t really feel the chemistry between them. I wanted more. Also, I had a bit of a hard time getting into this book at first. Wild Blue Under may not have won my heart over but I will read the last book in this trilogy.


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