The Cost of Dreams

Fourteen year old, Flora Enriquez and her brothers and sisters flee their home in Central America for the U.S. Their parents were killed during the raid on their village. Flora is not the oldest as her brother, Willie at sixteen is. Though, Flora’s drive and determination makes her way more mature for her age. She consumes the leadership role for her brothers and sisters. Flora and her two brothers cross the border, only to have the authorities arrest Willie and Rubio. Flora escapes unnoticed.

Flora meets up with a nice family and is hired to take care of their son. She convinces the family to pay for her schooling as she plans to become a teacher. One day, Flora meets a man by the name of Monte Erickson. She and Monte get married. Just when it seems things are looking up for Flora, bad things happen. Monte’s drug dealing brother, Roy comes looking for Monte. Flora ends up getting shot and Monte leaves her for dead. Will Flora survive or is The Cost of Dreams too high?

Gary Stelzer has penned a wonderful novel with The Cost of Dreams. Flora was such a great character. She has a wide range of dimensions from…strong leadership to caring and nurturing. Everything she went though would cause some people to give up but not Flora. She is a fighter. I got lost in this book instantly. It was like I was right with Flora every step of the way from her dangerous trek across Central America to setting foot onto American soil. The Cost of Dreams is a fast paced good read. Check out this book and I guarantee you won’t be sorry.


Lisa said…
Boy, I wish I would have enjoyed this book as much as you did! I linked to your review as a counterpoint to my opinion in my review. Hope that was okay!

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