Book Review: Pink


“A new Christmas story to enjoy for the holiday season from the queen of Christian romantic suspense.” Ethan Cooper, a high-powered corporate attorney in New York City, seemingly has it all. Drawn to the city after law school, he escaped life in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, and his family’s notoriety. Years later, the strained relationship with them reaches new heights when Charlotte Rose, a part-time stationery designer and mechanical engineer, enters his work life. Together, they embark upon the journey to bring a racketeering terrorist to justice, tied to a gang responsible for the death of Ethan’s wife utilizing both of their skill sets and that of friends. In the process, Christmas romance softens his heart as he is drawn to her southern charms, kindness, and warmth. With her influence upon his life, Ethan discovers he is missing the most important aspect of his life, love. Will they both heal from the profound loss of a spouse, with God’s leading, and learn to love again?

My Review

This is a charming, sweet read. It did give me some holiday vibes. If anything else, it sure made me hungry with all the food that Charlotte was making. There is no "rubbery bacon" to be found in this book...crispy bacon all the way!

Charlotte and Ethan hit it off right away. They engaged with each other nicely. It was good that they did not share an "instalove". Not that I have anything against instalove but I just felt like it would not have worked or been as believable if Ethan and Charlotte had hit it off right away. Speaking of the romance, I thought that Ethan and Charlotte did share good chemistry. 

While, I might not have loved this book, I did like it. I would read another book by this author. 


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