Book Review: For a Good Cause


“For many volunteers, fundraising is a necessary evil, a dirty F-word that compels them to have uncomfortable conversations with their families and friends . . .”

Through her work with countless female philanthropists, Diane Lebson discovered that there was no definitive guide volunteers and activists could turn to for guidance in navigating the day-to-day activities associated with doing good in the world—so she wrote one. Leveraging the skills and experiences she cultivated over more than twenty-five years as a nonprofit executive, board member, and consultant, For A Good Cause offers practical tips on how to “do” philanthropy. In chapters divided up by specific activities—such as serving on a board, advocating for a cause, starting your own philanthropic venture, becoming a fearless fundraiser, and more— Diane offers practical advice on how to professionalize your philanthropic engagement and make a greater impact. Rounded out with information about best practices, checklists, and profiles of inspiring leaders, For A Good Cause is the do-gooder’s go-to resource for giving joyfully.

My Review

Wow, this book is so well arranged. What I mean by this is that it was thought about in how effective the placement of everything should flow. Each chapter will focus on a different level...volunteer, donor, board member, and organizational founder or at times chapters will hit on several of the different levels. A book that you will refer to again and again. In fact, it is not really right to call this a "book" but more of a guide or workbook. 

For anyone who has wanted to get into fund raising or volunteering would benefit from this book. Even those who just want to do some good with their time. This book is motivating. The first story that is featured in this book is about a woman who had never fund raised before and with her first event, she raised more than her goal to help veterans. 

So, if you are lost on how to get started, pick up a copy of this book today and start making a difference. Small changes are important too. 


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