Book Review: The Other Husband


One dinner party will destroy everything.

The night that throws a wrecking ball into Abby’s life starts out perfectly at first. There’s still a hint of summer sun in the purple-streaked sky. Abby and her best friend, Sienna, look on fondly as their two husbands laugh under the garden gazebo. None of them know it’s the last time they will be together again.

What starts out as just a little fun, has devastating consequences for the couples. Alone with Sienna’s husband, Greg, Abby finds him unexpectedly charming. And something happens that night that neither she nor Greg can take back.

Abby is desperate to tell her husband and Sienna the truth, but can’t risk Greg sharing what he knows about her. She has no choice but to keep quiet. Then Greg suddenly disappears.

Is her best friend’s husband simply running from his secrets? Or has someone decided they can’t risk that he may share theirs?

The most gripping and twisty psychological thriller you’ll read this year from #1 bestseller Kathryn Croft. Perfect for readers who loved Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train.

My Review

As my first time reading a book by this author, I did like it. The pacing of the story is fairly high for which I did find myself finishing this book quickly. Although, I must admit that I did not find either couples that appealing. When Greg disappeared, I did not feel remorse. The more I discovered about him, I thought Sienna was better off without him. Neither couple was in perfect marriages. While, the author did try to throw some twists along the way, I did solve the story early on. Yet, this did not stop me from finishing this book. I may not have loved this book but I did like it enough to read another one from this author.


Mystica said…
Thank you for the review. New author for me too.

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