What Happened to My Sister is a must not miss book!

After the death of her step father, Carrie and her mother, Libby are getting out of dodge. Lilbby and Carrie end up in the town of Hartsville, North Carolina. Here Libby and Carrie can start over without anyone to judge them.

Cricket has not been teh same since her sister passed away. Cricket's mother noticies the change but has tried everything to get Cricket to make friends with kids at her school or to just smile. Nothing has worked thus far.

When Cricket meets Carrie, they share an instant connection. Soon Cricket and Carrie are inseparable. Carrie is thinking less of Emma, her sister. Things change for both girls when a deep, dark secret is revealed.

Fans of Me and Emma will throughly enjoy What Happened to My Sister. It features Carrie Parker and her mother, Libby from Me and Emma. This book ties up nicely any lingering questions about what really happened to Emma and if she ever really existed. I loved Carrie and Cricket. They are what made this book. Their voices were strong presences in this book. I kind of suspected where the big reveal regarding the secret was going but still I was surprised int he end. When the truth did come out, I had a big smile on my face. This is when you know you have just read a winner. I was totally invested in the characters and the story. I blazed through this book in a matter of a few hours. I was in the zone. What Happened to My Sister is a must not miss book! This book just turned Ms. Flock into a superstar. I can not wait to see waht she has in store next.

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