The Reasonable Ogre:Tales for the Sick and Well

This is an intriguing, short story collection of the twisted and fantastical. I have not read anything like this. To be honest, this is not something that I would typically read but I am glad that I did give it a try. While, some of the the stories are out in outer space weird, they did make for interesting reading. Some of the stories I did enjoy were...The Reasonable Ogre, Silver, The Glass Garden, and The King's Huntsman to name a few. Each story while they may be odd do teach a lesson. For example in The Reasonable Ogre, you need to learn restaint. The lesson is know when to bargain just right and not get greedy, otherwise you could lose it all.

What really helped to tell the stories were the wonderful artwork. To call the pictures in this collection illustrations would be a crime as I consider them pieces of art that you would see hanging in a gallery. If you like twisted stories of the mind and I don't mean horror stories, then you should check out this collection of short stories.


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