Mrs. Garvis Graves makes a splash with her debut novel On The Island!

Anna is an English teacher. She is stuck in a rut with her life and her current boyfriend. This is why when Anna gets the chance to tutor T.J., Anna books her ticket. Plus, the bonus is that Anna will be teaching T.J. in the balmy caribbean. Things take a terrible turn for thw worst, when the plane that T.J. and Anna are flying in goes down in the middle of the ocean. Anna and T.J. are swept onto an island but for how long?

Mrs. Garvis Graves makes a splash with her debut novel On The Island! I did have a bit of concern regarding the age difference between Anna and T.J. I thought the relationship was going to be awkward and one sided with Anna be the cougar. Mrs. Garvis Graves handled Anna and T.J.'s age difference and relationship very well. It was very sweet and I grew to like both Anna and T.J. a lot that by the end I was rooting for them.

T.J. stepped up to the task and became a man. He was not just a man in a boy's body but a man in love. I like when T.J. would care for Anna including helping her with her personal hygiene. These were some of the most tender moments in this book. Anna had to grow on my in the beginning but it was not long before I did like her She just was reserved and once she opened up, she was great. I am not usually someone to gush about sappy, love stories but this is one book that I will recommend to my friends.


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