Suzy's Case is a winner! It is just what the doctor ordered.

Poor Suzy. She is in the hospital fighting her body. She has sickle cell disease. It is where the sickle cells break apart and die, leaving the person with a shortage of red blood cells. Suzy's mother, June has been by Suzy's side every moment. The doctor comes to check on Suzy. The doctor leaves the room to talk to June when suddenly there is a scream. Suzy is in her bed looking like Linda Blair from the Exorcist. The next thing, Suzy is confined to a wheelchair for life. June filed a malpractice suit on the hospital and the doctor and has been fighting it for six years.

Tug is an attorney. He has been given orders to shut down June and Suzy's case as there is no case. For Tug, he believes this is going to be a quick open and close case. This is until Tug sees Suzy and gets to know her. Now Tug is fighting for Suzy.

Wow! Mr. Siegel really knocks it out of the park with Suzy's Case. I like Tug's brassy, cocky attitude. Although, I must admit that in the beginning, I thought he was a jack ass. All he saw when he first saw Suzy was a pile of money. Luckily, Tug turned a new leaf and got to know Suzy the "sch-weet" girl. I dare you not to fall in love with Suzy.

Suzy's mother, June is a firecracker and has the balls to back up her attitude. I like when she got mad that her ghetto side would appear. June and Tug paired nicely together.

I actually did learn from this book. I learned about sickle cell disease and how the whole malpractice suit works. Not that I ever hope to find myself in a malpractice suit as no one really wins in my opinion. Yeah the victim may win a boatload of money but what did they have to lose? Mr. Siegel infused his knowledge of being a personal injury and malpractice attorney into this book. The way that Tug got his evidence and handled the court scene is something that only a professional would know and can share. Suzy's Case is a winner! It is just what the doctor ordered.

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