Against Their Will: North Carolina's Sterilization Program

I thought that this book was nicely written and put together with all the different contributors. This book shares the history behind North Carolina's sterilization program and introduces the reader to some of the victims. This book is one that is hard to finish. Not because it is not good but because it is sad. It will make you upset as well and sick to your stomach reading about the things that all the young women and some men had to endure with the inhumane practices of North Carolina's government. It is very sad that in some parts of the world there is racisim and illegal sterilization taking place still. Most of the instances that caused these people like Jesse and others to be sterlized was due to rape or other situations that were beyond their control. The way that the government used their powers to strong arm the guardians of this young women and men was horrible.

The government might as well have killed these people and gotten it over with versus doing what they did and these people have to enduring the pain and suffering. I can not imagine not having a choice about what happens to your own body. This is one book that will have you talking about it long after you have finished it. It is thought provoking.
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