The truth shall set you free in All the Truth!

Maggie was just five years old when a tragic event took place. One that would tear her family apart. One evening several students were out partying near where Maggie lived. One moment, Maggie's mother was talking to the students and the next moment there was blood everywhere.

Maggie is a high school student now. She is trying to move on with her life but it it hard when the past keeps sticking around. During an incident at school, Maggie is forced to finally face her past.

I instantly fell for author, Laura Brodie after reading The Widow's Season. This is why I was excited to read All the Truth. While this book still had elements of this author's charm with poetic charm, I did feel it fell a little flat towards the end. Especially when Emma made her erappearance. I was expecting this big dramatic scene and there was nothing ro write back home about. However, I did enjoy reading this book. I had envisioned the story playing out a different way. The truth was just as good.

Maggie had a calm strength that I feed onto in this book. I could see that inside however she was cracking but she held it all together pretty well, I thought. I figured how pretty quickly who all the major characters were. This story was kind of sad. The lies we find ourselves in can have terrible consequences. The way the story played out from past to present while inserting snippets from the past again was layed out in a nice order and was a smooth transaction. The truth shall set you free in All the Truth!
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