Perfect Timing

Poppy Dunbar is about to get married. She and her friends got out for a ladies night. Poppy tumbles down some stairs and lands practically at the feet of a handsome stranger. His name is Tom. Tom and Poppy feel an instant connection. Tom invites Poppy to meet him at a café. Poppy doesn’t hook up with Tom. Meeting Tom did teach Poppy one thing…that the guy she is about to marry is not for her. She calls off the wedding and moves to London.

Poppy has a shocking discovery, involving her family. Poppy moves in with a woman, who she met while catering a party at. Claudia and Poppy don’t hit things off at first. Their other flat mate, Caspar is a brooding type. Poppy lands a job at an antique shop. Her boss Jake tolerates her. Poppy is moving on with her new life. There is just one problem…she still thinks about Tom and what may have been. What happens when Tom and Poppy are given a second chance…it is called Perfect Timing.

Author, Jill Mansell does it again with her latest release, Perfect Timing. She scores a smash hit! Poppy, Claudia, Caspar, and Jake are a hoot. If I lived in London and these characters were real, I would hang out with them. Poppy has this innocent about her that makes her very endearing. I didn’t like Claudia at first impressions. As the story progressed and I got to know Claudia better, she won me over. I am so glad Poppy found her Prince Charming. She deserved a happy ending. Ms. Mansell has just become my favorite British, romantic, comedic author.


jill mansell said…
Cheryl, hooray, I'm soooo glad you liked this one! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Perfect Timing in such a positive light!
Jill x

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