Life After 187

Kane Silver grew up being a military brat. His father was Colonel Silver. Colonel Silver was Special Forces. Kane grew up with discipline and a never give up attitude. Kane found and married the perfect woman. She completed him. Kan e was at the store picking up some items, when he got a feeling that something bad about to happen. He rushes home, only to find his wife murdered. The men who did it were just pulling away. Kane takes pursuit. Emotions take over Kane and he takes matters into his own hands. He ends up in prison for his actions.

Warden Quentin Bane loves to watch the fights but what he really enjoys is betting on them and winning. Warden doesn’t want to lose. So he decides to groom some of the best fighters he has in is prison. Kane is one of them. The other two are Si’Ling Lee and Valentino Lopez. Something happens and Kane, Si’Ling, and Valentino escape. They end up saving Warden Bane’s life but will Warden Bane send them back to their deaths?

I actually really liked this book. Though, I don’t know why I am surprised as I had to reservations about what to expect from reading this book. I felt Kane’s pain when he came home to find his wife murdered. Life After 187 was a bit scary in the fact that I am sure these things really do happen in prisons. Prisoners forced to fight, knowing that they will never really win their freedom. Author, Wade J. Halverson has written many Kane Silver novels. Life After 187 is the first one I have read. It can be read as a stand alone novel. For anyone looking to read something with a bit more substance than a romance novel, give this book a try.


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