Immortal Warrior

Two hundred years ago, Ivar Graycloak, a warrior with the Vikings was cursed by a sorceress to live a life as an eagle by day and a man by night. Ivar has lived alone, which is fine with him till the king commands Ivar to marry. Ivar thought he would have a hard time finding someone to settle down with but that was before he laid eyes on Lady Alaida.

When Lady Alaida first met Ivar, she despised him and never wanted to see him in her presence again. In fact Alaida hated Ivar so much; she was planning on running away to keep from marrying him. There was just something in Ivar’s eye that convinced Lady Alaida to change her mind and give Ivar a second chance. Second chances really do count when you know how to make the best of them. Ivar did just that in the bedroom on his and Lady Alaida’s wedding night. How long through can Ivar keep up his charade before Lady Alaida grows weary of it.

Immortal Warrior is the first book in a new series by Lisa Hendrix. At first I thought Ivar’s character was a very tortured soul but after reading more, I realized he lived a life we would all love to live. The freedom to soar by day and come home at night and be with the one you love. Unfortunately I did get lost a few times thoughout the book but even with this factor, I still liked this book. Immortal Warrior turned out to be a good start to this new series by Lisa Hendrix. I am glad to say that I would give Lisa Hendrix another try and read the next book in the series.

Thank you Tracee for letting me host Lisa Hendrix.


The Bookworm said…
great review cheryl, I liked this one too.
I'm hoping to read the rest in the series. I want to know what happens to the other warriors.

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