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I want to give a big thank you to Mr. O'Brien for sending me Final Breath to review. It does not release till December 30, 2008. You are in for a trick because Watch Them Die also re-releases in December.

Sydney Jordan is a newswoman for a weekly television show called Movers & Shakers. It is a show about normal people who have done heroic acts of kindness for others. It seems that someone does not appreciate all these different people getting their fifteen minutes of fame. In fact this person knows just how everyone should be rewarded for their acts. You know how you make someone laugh so hard they can’t stop. Some times that person will say “Stop it you are killing me”, well that’s exactly what the killer has in mind but this situation won’t be no laughing matter.

Someone is killing off one by one everyone that has ever been interviewed by Sydney for Movers & Shakers. Each time someone dies, that just means the killer is one step closer to killing his ultimate victim Sydney and when the times comes for him to make Sydney a star, he will take great pleasure on acting out the final scene. Because the killer will make sure that the last words coming out of Sydney’s mouth is her Final Breath.

One of my favorite genres to read is suspense thrillers and it will always be one of my favorites, thanks to outstanding, wonderful authors like Kevin O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien really knows how to keep his readers sitting on the edge of their seats filled with anticipation for what comes next. I first discovered this author when I read The Killing Spree and ever since then I have become hooked. Whenever I hear of a new book being released by Kevin I know without a doubt that I will be purchasing it. I know that picking up a Kevin O’Brien book is worth my while as well as a smart investment. I will leave you with just one final thought to ponder “Always watch your back, because you never know when you might draw your Final Breath”!

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Literary Feline said…
I have one of Kevin O'Brien's earlier books sitting on my TBR shelf and am looking forward to reading it. I really enjoy this genre too. This book sounds like a must read one! Thanks for the great review!
Becky LeJeune said…
This definitely sounds like one I should try. Thanks for turning me on to it.
Linda Jacobs said…
I love a book like this, too, and will be on the lookout for this one at my local library after the first of the year.

Thanks for this great review!
I love book covers, and that one looks pretty intense!
The Bookworm said…
this does sound like a good one, great review.
I like a good suspense read.
Anonymous said…
OH! You are so lucky for snagging a copy. I read his previous book. Great author.

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