Are you Oblivious

Olivia Chatham has moved back home after she finds her husband, Sam getting it on with the exercise trainer. Now at thirty-years old, Olivia I finding her life may have hit rock bottom, especially with her living at home with her parents. Don’t count Olivia out just yet. Things are starting to shape up now that Olivia has met the sexy, Tucker Monroe. Professor Cheryl Mecklenberg body has been discovered and Tucker ends up becoming the number one murder suspect. Whether Olivia wants to or not, she will be dragged into this case, as she is part of Tucker’s alibi. Oh what’s a girl to do?

I really enjoyed reading Oblivious. This book was such a fun, quirky, comedic read. You know the saying “Always a bride’s maid, never the bride”. Well that saying was like Olivia, she was always the side kick till now. This story gave Olivia her chance to shine. She is a star. Olivia is the rich, spoiled girl with a heart of gold. That is why I fell in love with Olivia was because she was so nice and not stuck-up. This book had so many laughs that it made my reading fly by. I have not read many comedic mystery stories but after reading Oblivious, I realize that I need to check this genre out some more. Cyndia Depre is a newly discovered author for me but now that I have found her, you can bet I will be checking out more books by Cyndia.

I want to thank Tracee for letting me host Cyndia Depre. Come back tomorrow and see my interview with Cyndia.


Sarita Leone said…
This sounds like a fast, fun read. Great review!
Tracee said…
Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for agreeing to host Cyndia - glad you like her book, I did too, Olivia is really something!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Cheryl! I can't tell you how happy this made me. I always wonder if others share my sense of humor, so it's terrific to learn when someone does.

All my best,
Cheryl said…
This sounds like a great read!

Linda Jacobs said…
I love a light, funny read. i'll be on the lookout for this one. Thanks!

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