Book Review: Legend of the Rainbow Eater


Sometimes the end of the the belly of a beast.

When the Blackouts' search for the legendary Wishing Mist leads them to a maple syrup festival in the town of Mapleton, sticky situations abound. Bodies are going missing from the local funeral parlor, hellhound gypsies prowl the woods, giant, automaton teddy bears may or may not be staging a hostile takeover, and there's a whopping good chance that will-o'-the-wisps, the magical inhabitants of the Wishing Mist, are behind it all.

Even with help from their future selves and a time traveling diary, Rose and Marek have their hands full (and not just with ice cream cones from a parlor that services the living as well as the dead). The will-o'-the-wisps were responsible for bringing them together five years ago, and now it looks like the only way to stop their mischief is to find the Wishing Mist and wish it out of existence—will-o'-the-wisps included.

Some thank-you for the greatest friendship in the multiverse, huh?

My Review

The gang is back for a whole new wild and crazy adventure full of mischief, fun, and scare bears. Readers of the first book will really enjoy this newest offering in this series. As if you did not think you could fall in love with Rose, Marek, Malachy, and Cade anymore; you would be wrong. 

In the first book, readers were just really getting to know everyone. Yet in this book, the relationships have been established and therefore all there is left is to just sit back and enjoy the adventure. 

Young readers will really enjoy this series of books. As will adults like me. In fact, these books can be truly enjoyed as a family. I have to tell you that I hope to never cross paths with any Scare Bears. 


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