The world has no shortage of moral ambiguity, especially in the emergency room. Dr. Jackson is the emergency room physician who seems to have the big house, beautiful wife, and an impeccable reputation as one of the most respected emergency physicians in Dallas. As the author peels back the layers, Dr. Jackson's life isn't so perfect after all. Filled with unique twists, complex medical cases and personal issues, Pulse proves that there is always more to the story! Pulse is the first book in the Vital Signs Series. If you loved Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit, you’ll love this series.

My Review

This book is the first in this trilogy. It is a great start to this trilogy. I can't wait to read the next two books. The incorporation of chess into this storyline is an intriguing plot twist. I was not sure how the chess was going to play into the storyline but once I saw how it was introduced; it made sense and works well. 

There is actually no main character in my eyes. While, it may seem like Dr. Jackson is the main character; as he would tell you, it takes a team and the doctors and nurses are in it together. Thus a huge reason that I really loved this book. Everyone was so engaging and they felt like "real" people and not just characters in a book.  

If you are into medical dramas, you will want to check out this book. Pulse had me so engaged that once I started reading, I was hooked. I finished this book in one afternoon. 


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