The Parisian Professor



It is late winter, 2020, and Nick has been pulled out of the CIA's Kabul office and sent to Paris for what sounds like a simple assignment. Posing as a graduate student at a local polytechnic institute, his task is to build a case against Abdul Haqq, a brilliant engineering student suspected of building bombs for Hezbollah.

What should be an open-and-shut case soon becomes a tangled mess as Nick finds himself drawn into a friendship with the charismatic young engineer, then falls hard for Abdul's adopted sister, the beautiful but troubled art student with a tragic past, Gabrielle.

As tensions in his personal life rise against a distant backdrop of geopolitical conflicts in Russian-dominated parts of Ukraine, Nick soon finds himself struggling to balance his passion for Gabrielle and his friendship for Abdul with his growing sense that something is rotten at the highest levels of the American government.

At the center of a hornet's nest of political malfeasance and unbridled greed is a figure known only as "the professor," an insidious intel boss whose sick ambitions threaten not only Nick and Gabrielle but the entire planet.

A powerful political novel ripped from the headlines and wrapped in a love story, The Parisian Professor explores the roots of state-sanctioned corruption and the scourge of dictatorship in America and beyond.

My Review

I have read every book by this author. You can say that I am truly a fan of Mr. Sciuto's work. All of his books are great. Mr. Sciuto writes good stories but it is his characters that truly make them come alive and expectational. 

When I saw that Mr. Sciuto's newest book was espionage I was all about it. I am a big fan of these types of books. Yet, it has been a bit since I have read one or come across one that was done right. An author that does that is Chris Pavone. So, to add Mr Sciuto to that area with this book I am happy to do so. 

Back to the characters. None of them perfect. They might have been a bit jaded in fact. Which made me more likable to me. It showed they were relatable and human. Therefore every emotion they experienced felt real. As a reader, you will find yourself rooting for Nick and Gabrielle. This newest offering from Mr. Sciuto is a 5 star read. Or in my case, a half an afternoon read!


Mystica said…
The author is new to me. I will be looking out for this work. Thanks for the review.

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