Rikki and her sister, Linda, fell out with one another four months ago. They are not speaking when Linda emails that she has lethal abdominal tumors, that her only hope of survival is a total bone marrow replacement. Linda claims Rikki is too old to donate, and explains there’s only a slight chance she is a good match anyway―but Rikki refuses to accept that. Despite the wounding between them, Linda’s email ignites a wild aspiration in her sister: she will become the perfect donor, the perfect match, with the healthiest, most vigorous cells possible. She rises with intent to heal herself, her sister, and their rootlines, the patterns formed in their family of origin that have quietly shaped their lives.

Rikki walks through the science while confronting dogma that limits how mind can transform body. She builds herself into a stem cell factory using Muay Thai kickboxing and vegetarian nutrition. Working through childhood wounds and mental limits with meditation and yoga, she finds her own power, as well as ways to show up for Linda and walk with her from the edge of death to a new life. Together, the two sisters beat the lymphoma―and, as they rediscover the intimacy and love of their innocent childhood, heal the intertwined roots of their family pain.

My Review

It was nice to see the relationship between Rikki and her sister, Linda evolve for the better. This book may be focused on Linda but it is really Linda and Rikki's story together. Family bond is very important and strong. In the worse of times; family is the best when you can count on them. Through love of family, anything is possible. In this case, recovery for Linda. 

The things that Rikki went through for her sister was very endearing. It brought me close to her. If I am being honest, I actually was closer to Rikki then Linda. That is just because the main narrator/voice of the story is Rikki's. She shares this book though her point of view. I am glad to hear that Linda was able to get cleared by the doctors on her health. 


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