Voices in the Snow

No One Escapes the Stillness
Clare remembers the cold. She remembers abandoned cars and children's toys littered across the road. She remembers dark shapes in the snow and a terror she can't explain. And then...nothing. When she wakes, aching and afraid in a stranger's gothic home, he tells her she was in an accident. He claims he saved her. Clare wants to leave, but a vicious snowstorm has blanketed the world in white, trapping them together, and there's nothing she can do but wait.
At least the stranger seems kind...but Clare doesn't know if she can trust him. He promised they were alone here, but she sees and hears things that convince her something else is creeping about the surrounding woods, watching. Waiting. Between the claustrophobic storm and the inescapable sense of being hunted, Clare is on edge...and increasingly certain of one thing:
Her car crash wasn't an accident. Something is waiting for her to step outside the fragile safety of the house... something monstrous, something unfeeling.
Something desperately hungry.

My Review

Wow! Talk about a huge surprise. I thought this book was going to be a suspense thriller but I was wrong. It was so much more than that. It was a suspense/psychological/horror thriller all mixed into one book.
In the beginning, I was like so where this this story going. Than the further I got into the story, I was like, this is a mental trip. It was messing with me mind in a good way. I was into the story for the long haul. In fact, I did not want to stop reading it. I made the mistake of taking this book with me to work so I was forced to stop reading when it was time to go back to work. Yet, by the end of the work day, I took the book home with me to finish reading it. This book was a one day read for me. I need the rest of the books in my life like now. I plan to pick up copies of the other books soon.


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