Lost Christmas

Gloria makes Christmas wishes come true. It’s her profession and her passion. When she is injured in a freak avalanche, she is taken to Dr. Hugh Oskar’s emergency room, and it’s love at first sight. But he is a man of science and believes only what he can see with his own eyes. Gloria must choose between Hugh and the magical life she knew before. Hugh is forced to question everything he had accepted as truth to find the woman he can’t live without. To have her, he must go on a journey beyond civilization, or die in the attempt. Will this love last? For a dose of the Christmas spirit and romantic suspense any time of year, get a copy of Lost Christmas, the first book in the Every Christmas series. With Hugh and Gloria, discover the true meaning of Christmas.

My Review

This is a sweet and charming read. I did like this book. Although, I must admit that I did not gain that strong, emotional connection towards the characters in this story. Don't get me wrong as I did like Gloria aka Perdita and Hugh.

There is a difference between an "good" book and a "great" book. In this case, this book was a "good" book. Nothing wrong with a "good" book. One of the items that I need to make me really love a book are the strong, emotional connection towards the characters; especially the main leads. In regards to romance; it is on the lighthearted side. Overall, this book is one that fans of cozy stories would like to read.


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