Mutts and Mistletoe

Thirty-one-year-old Charlie isn't in the mood for Christmas cheer...

Her boyfriend has left her for his personal trainer, her mother has absconded with her latest husband for the holidays, and--adding insult to (literal) injury--her London apartment has just been destroyed by a gas leak. Single, mildly concussed and temporarily homeless, Charlie realizes there's only one place to go: Cozy Canine Cottages, where she'll spend the season looking after her cousin Jez's doggy day care center. And if she's not exactly a dog person, well, no one has to know...

But her plans for a quiet Christmas in a quaint country village are quickly dashed. Peggy the pregnant beagle and Malcolm the anxious Great Dane seem determined to keep her up all night. A strange man has been casing her cousin's house. And where is Cal, the unbearably patronizing but disturbingly handsome local vet, when she needs him?

As the days tick down to Christmas, Charlie's life has never felt so out of control--but with some help from her new four-legged friends, she just might learn a thing or two about living in the moment, embracing the unexpected and opening herself up to love...

My Review

This book has gone to the dogs (in a good way). If you are a dog lover, than, you will really enjoy this book. It features all types and sizes of dogs. Each one will melt your heart.

Charlie is so adorable. Although, she needs to brush up on her people skills. Her first impression meeting Cal was not a great one. Yet, it was memorable. She called him "Bovine Cal" and indicated that he was into cows. Hey, not judging. However, that is not Cal's "thing". He treats cows among other animals. Luckily, for Charlie the dogs don't mind her lack of refinement.

Another great thing about this book, besides the dogs is the humor. Laughter is just what the doctor ordered. I enjoy a good laugh. Yet, this book delivered on more than just one laugh. It delivered on laughter throughout the whole book. Mutts and Mistletoe is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

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