Edge of Yesterday

When thirteen-year-old geek-girl Charley Morton decides to build what she believes is Leonardo da Vinci's design for a time machine for the middle school science fair, she has two thoughts in mind: to win first prize and to travel back in time to meet her idol, Leonardo. Her goal: to find out how the Renaissance artist, engineer, scientist, musician, anatomist, and inventor managed to do it all.

My Review

I was all about checking out this book. I am a fan of STEM. Although, I did not end up going into a career based on STEM; I do have a degree in Computer Engineering. STEM is a great program for young girls. The message is to help promote young women into becoming engineers.

Charley is a nice girl. Her interest in math, science, etc. is infectious. Charley's hero being Da Vinci is appropriate. He was brilliant. Plus, when you meet your hero it is a nice surprise. While, I liked this story, I did find that I struggled to find a strong connection to the characters. Additionally, the story moved very fast. Normally, this would not be a bad thing but it seemed rushed without some time spent on details. The most sad part is that I felt like the focus was lacking on the STEM aspect. Charley did not invent anything nor did she show strong leadership skills. There is room for improvement.

In this second book of the Edge of Yesterday series, Charley Morton, girl inventor extraordinaire, is determined to hack time. When her model for a time machine accidentally ignites, Charley's sent whirling back 500 years, coming face-to-face with her Renaissance idol, Leonardo da Vinci. It's a perfect scenario for the Renaissance-girl wannabe. Until the news: Her mother is gravely ill. Charley must get home! Can she reverse-engineer time travel . . . and what future will she encounter if she succeeds?

My Review

This book is better than the first one. The storyline seems a bit more solid. Yet, I still struggled to find that strong connection with the characters. However, the connection that I did find was there. The location is what drew me in. I liked Da Vinci. Where in the first book I said that I thought that Charley didn't really show leadership skills; she was finding those skills in this book. There were aspects of STEM featured in this book. When it came to this book, the fast pace worked. In regards, to this factor, it is because the storyline was better. Improvements were done but there is room to grow.

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