Winter Sisters

New York, 1879: After an epic snow storm ravages the city of Albany, Dr. Mary Sutter, a former Civil War surgeon, begins a search for two little girls, the daughters of close friends killed by the storm who have vanished without a trace.

Mary's mother and niece Elizabeth, who has been studying violin in Paris, return to Albany upon learning of the girls' disappearance--but Elizabeth has another reason for wanting to come home, one she is not willing to reveal. Despite resistance from the community, who believe the girls to be dead, the family persists in their efforts to find the two sisters. When what happened to them is revealed, the uproar that ensues tears apart families, reputations, and even the social fabric of the city, exposing dark secrets about some of the most powerful of its citizens, and putting fragile loves and lives at great risk.

My Review

This is my first time reading a book by this author. I enjoyed the beautiful time period that this story took place in. I could feel the blistering chill of the wind from the winter storm in the beginning of the story.

I enjoyed getting to know Mary and her niece, Elizabeth. They were both so kind. Although, I will say that Mary was a great lead character in this story. The way that she showed strength in the most adverse situation and against all of the doubters was lovely. As the story progressed, I grew closer to Mary. Yet, I did not grow as close to the overall story as I would have liked or hoped. This is because the rest of the characters did not click with me as much. Therefore, their voices were weaker. In fact, the started to all sound alike. Overall, I did find this to be a nice read. Due to the fact that I enjoyed Mary, I do want to go back and read book one.

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