Phoebe's Light

Phoebe Starbuck has always adjusted her sails and rudder to the whims of her father. Now, for the first time, she's doing what she wants to do: marrying Captain Phineas Foulger and sailing far away from Nantucket. As she leaves on her grand adventure, her father gives her two gifts, both of which Phoebe sees little need for. The first is an old sheepskin journal from Great Mary, her highly revered great-grandmother. The other is a "minder" on the whaling ship in the form of cooper Matthew Mitchell, a man whom she loathes.

Soon Phoebe discovers that life at sea is no easier than life on land. Lonely, seasick, and disillusioned, she turns the pages of Great Mary's journal and finds herself drawn into the life of this noble woman. To Phoebe's shock, her great-grandmother has left a secret behind that carries repercussions for everyone aboard the ship, especially her husband the captain and her shadow the cooper. This story within a story catapults Phoebe into seeing her life in an entirely new way--just in time.

In this brand-new series, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher brings her signature twists and turns to bear on a fascinating new faith community: the Quakers of colonial-era Nantucket Island.

My Review

I found this book only mildly interesting. Phoebe was good; yet I had to warm up to her. In the beginning, I found her to kind of act childish. While, I understand that everything that Phoebe was experiencing was for the first time but still she could have acted more grown up. As the story progressed, Phoebe did emerge from her shell. She grew more bold. Kind of call it tough love. Her marriage to Captain Phineas was loveless. He was a jerk.

While the story was to show that Matthew was a nuisance in the beginning, I actually found him charming and inviting. Of course, the story was obvious as it went along who Phoebe would end up with at the end. The parts that I enjoyed the most were reading Mary's journal entries. They were full of life. The location of the high sea and Nantucket were lovely. They were great settings for this story. This book was not a favorite showing by this author for me.


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