It Ain't Nothing but a Cowboy Thing.

My Review

I can see why author, Vicki was excited to present this new series. The brotherhood of Cade, Damon, and Finn is a great one. Of course, they are not bad looking either. I really liked Cade and Lexi's story. They were meant for each other. I thought that Vicki did a nice job of portraying how they had both matured in the five years of separation. Lexi became independent and Cade matured into a good man. Their relationship was better for it.

Although I do have to say that the sex between them was smoking hot. My favorite part was when it was raining and they were doing the deed in the back of Cade's pickup. I laughed at the description that the author used so much so that I had to read it to me husband and I started laughing again. It was "The rain dribbled between his thighs and mingled with her juices until they were both slippery as otters."  

I am looking forward to reading Damon and Finn's stories. 

My Review

I thought this was a sweet and charming read. I could not really find a 100% connection to either Nina or Alex. Well if I have to be honest, it was more Nina that I found to be a 60% likability. I understood that she came from a damaged marriage but I found it annoying quickly when Nina would not let her walls down as easily when it came to her heart and feelings for Alex. One moment Nina was guarded and the next moment she would start to open up just to quickly shut down again.

For example, when things were starting to heat up with Alex; Nina was stuck in her head thinking "She was actually doing this. Having her first official fling." "She bit her lip to hold back her cries of completion as he caressed every last aftershock from her"

Yet, despite my lack of warm towards Nina, I did like the story and found Nina's autistic son, Cody adorable. 

Q&A with Catherine Mann author of PURSUED BY THE RICH RANCHER

You have more than 60 books released in more than 20 countries. What’s it like to have fans all over the world?

What a thrill to have the opportunity to touch readers around the globe. I’m not only an author, but also an avid reader myself. I treasure the escape of a great read and am honored to offer that entertainment to others.

What inspired you to make the move from theater school director to romance author?

The two actually share many similarities – the world building, characterization, plotting, staging, creating tension. I’m building a world with words rather than on a stage. My theater background also has a heavy emphasis in directing and literature.

Can you tell us about your animal rescue work?

Ah, my heart and passion – I’ve been an animal rescuer for over a decade through fostering and serving on a shelter board of directors. Recently, I took a big leap of faith with some close friends and started our own rescue – The Sunshine State Animal Rescue. We’re a 501c3, non profit, no-kill rescue, all foster-home based. While we do traditional adoption placements, we also specialize in identifying animals at shelters that have working dog potential and partnering them into service/therapy/search and rescue placements. It’s been a life changing experience. FMI check out our facebook page:

If PURSUED BY THE RICH RANCHER were made into a movie, who would you cast in the starring roles?

Timothy Olyphant as Alex McNair – definitely! And Emma Stone as single mom Nina Lowery.

What are you working on next?

Exciting news! I’m starting a new series for Harlequin Desire called the "Bayou Billionaires" - a football family dynasty that gives the books a sports industry setting. I’m writing the launch book, award winning author Joanne Rock is writing the second. She and I will continue to alternate writing books in the series so readers can have a book a month in the series. The series begins in early 2016 with HIS PREGNANT PRINCESS BRIDE.

Bon Appétit & a Book:

Catherine Mann’s Sweet Tea

What’s your favorite recipe?

Sweet tea! I’m Southern, after all. And the recipe is so simple.



6-8 large tea bags

3-4 cups sugar (or your low calorie sweetener of choice)

Lemon (optional)

Mint leaves (optional)



Get a gallon drink dispenser. Place 6-8 large tea bags in the container. Place the lid on top with the tags dangling out. Set the container in the window sill all day. At the end of the day, pull out the tea bags. Add 3-4 cups or sugar (or your low calorie sweetener of choice) and refrigerate. Especially yummy if add lemon slices or mint leaves.

My Review

 This book is a nice start to this series. I did feel a little sorry for Jack getting ganged up on by his family. However it was all in good nature ribbing. I absolutely loved Jack's son, Seth. He is so adorable and polite. Then there is Tracy. She is no wilting flower. She can hold her own around the Colton family clan.

Due to Jack getting his heart broken before, he is more guarded when it comes to romance and love. So there is not a lot of hot passion and moments shared between him and Tracy. Yet, the moments they shared were real and heart felt.

Also the suspense in this book was good but mild. I would say this was a good mix of romance and suspense to be a romantic suspense story.


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