I saw an ad for this book and it sounded good. So when I got the chance to get an early review copy I jumped at the chance. I liked the concept of the duel storylines. The author did a good job of keeping them separate but intertwining them as well into one huge book. Although I found Lizzie's story way more exciting than Darcy's.  The storyline with Lizzie had more depth and the concept of her being a soul guide (yeah I did not like the word "psychopomp either) was cool. The alternate world or "afterworld" was another cool thing that I liked. It made the idea of the underworld not as scary. Darcy was fine but she was a tad boring. She was a wallflower. Luckily I still had a good time reading this book despite the slow moments with Darcy. Before I knew it I was already half way down with this book and then I was finished. Now that I have been introduced to Scott Westerfeld, I will be keeping an eye on what he comes out with next.


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