You Are Not Forgotten

I am a fan of military related stories, especially the aviation ones. What is so great about these books is the human aspect of the stories. I really get to know the people and their lives. Also, I share a bond with my dad over these books. It gives us something to talk about in regards to the book world. My dad's father was a Marine. Plus, I love the sky and flying.

Mr. Bender really give the reader the meat and potatoes of Major George Eyster V and Captain Ryan McCown, their lives, who they are as men, and the great accomplishments that they book have achieved in their military careers. I liked reading about both mens' lives and how they entered the military. However, I do have to admit that I did skim a few pages at times as I wanted the book to move along faster. Although, I found the work that George does by helping to locate and bring back the bodies of the fallen intriguing. You Are Not Forgotten is a heart-felt book.


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