This book needs to come with a warning...Game Slave is addicting!

Ok, folks forget the vampires, werewolves, fairies, and zombies. Hold on before you start yelling "What the heck, I love Team Edward." I have something better for you...first person gamer books. Yes, for all those geeks, both male and female, and both console or computer then you are probably already familiar with these books but for the rest of the readers out there you need to get familiar with these books. The best part about reading these books is that it is like you are part of the game and not just a spectator.

Well let me tell you that Game Slave is right up there as a really good book. To be honest, I was first drawn to this book by the cover. It is eye-catching and reminds me of a video game cover, which I am sure was the whole idea. I wanted to read this book just from the cover and the book title alone. I did not really care about what the book was about as I knew it was a first player gamer book.

I flew through this book. It is like when you pick up a new game and you have to play it all in one night so that you can get to the final boss and beat him. This book was not just a video game with a bunch of characters running around, it also had a good storyline as well. This book needs to come with a warning...Game Slave is addicting!


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