Find Me

Wicket "Wick" and her sister, Lily have found themselves a new home with Todd, and Bren. Their foster parents rescued them from their drug addicted father. Although they may have a new life that does not stop Detective Carson from still checking up on Wick and Lily. In fact, it is pretty much a nightly routine with Carson stopping by in the wee early morning hours. Carson may not know it but Wick is aware of his routine.

Wick receives a strange package. The package consists of her once former best friend, Tessa's diary. In side the diary is a yellow post-it note. It has two words on it..."Find Me". Before Wick can comprehend what the message means, she learns that Tessa is dead. Wick decides to give up the case. That is before she discovers that her sister, Lily is next. Wick is joined by the sexy boy-next-door, Griff.

I had been waiving about whether to pick up a copy of this book or not. I finally decided to give in and check this book out. Ok, so this book turned out to be way better than I thought it would be. It had excitement, realism with the hacking, and a good cast of characters. Can't say as much for the ending as I predicted it all along. When Wick finally figured it out I could not help but gloat at her by thinking "Well duh, it took you long enough".

While I did like the relationship that was blossoming between Wick and Griff, I did not really feel like it was needed. Luckily things between them did not happen until the last third of the story and it was quick. Not every time that a girl or woman needs help does the good guy that helps need to be in love with that person. Still I enjoyed this book and will be keeping my eyes on this author and her next book.


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