Turn Left at the Cow

Travis is always hearing from his mother that he needs to show some initiative. So Travis does just that. He travels from California to Minnesota to his grandmother's house. Travis get's punishment duty. This is not right as Travis was just listening to his mother. However it is during his clean up duty that he learns that his grandmother has a lot of dead bodies in her freezer. Who knew that such a sweet, old woman was home to the dead. Travis meets the next door neighbors, Kenny and his cousin, Iz. They inform Travis that they are searching for missing money. It seems that a long time ago, Travis's father robbed a bank and disappeared with a bunch of money. The story goes that the money is buried close by. Kenny, Iz, and Travis plan to find the money.

I picked up this book because I thought my ten year old nephew would enjoy this book. Also, I was intrigued by the title of this book and wanted to know what it meant. I can so relate to the title after learning its meaning. I went to Nebraska for two weeks at a flying camp to get hours towards my pilot's license. It was like turn left at the light green field and turn right at the double dark green field.

Travis, Kenny, and Iz made a fun, group. Iz is the leader. Plus I could really relate to her with her attitude and hanging with the boys. Kenny is the sweet but naive one. Travis is the muscle but with brains. This is a book that my nephew will have fun reading.


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