Dare Me

Ben and his two friends, Ricky and John are planning to make the best of their senior year. They have it all planned out. They will do ten extreme dares and video record them and upload them on the internet. The is two problems...one no one knows it is them as they have hidden their faces and two the dares are so extreme that they just might not survive them.

While I was not particularly that excited about the characters or what was happening to them, I was interested in how far Ben, Ricky, and John would take their dares. I agree with Ben and John that the dares were getting more dangerous but yet none of them ever took a strong stand and said I don't want to do this anymore. I guess I know the answer to this question "If your friends all jumped off a cliff would you do it to?"

After a while I did grow old of Ben, Ricky, and John and skipped a section to get to the end faster. Which I have to say that for all that the guys went through the ending was just alright.


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