Leaving Haven

Georgia and her husband have hit a rocky spot in their life. They have only one child. Georgia has struggled with many miscarriages. She wants to try for one more child but her biological clock is ticking fast.

Alice and her husband are also experiencing troubles in their marriage. When Alice hears that Georgia is in need of some eggs, she offers up some of her's. Then the unexpected happens...Georgia gets pregnant and Alice starts an affair with her husband.

As soon as you pick up this book to start reading it, you will be sucked in for the emotional journey. The person that I felt the most connected to in this book was Georgia. She had so many emotions and she felt real to me. LIke someone that I could know. I do applaud Georgia. She is a trooper for what she went through. Plus she has a big heart. As far as I was concerned, Alice and Georgia's husband were human too. I mean no one is truely perfect. It was just the way they went about the situation that I did not care for them as much.

In fact, I kind of thought that Georgia's husband deserved having to take care of the new baby by himself. While Alice may not have done the friend thing by sleeping with Georgia's husband, I did have some feelings for her. I mean it could not have been easy to know that the child your friend is caring is your's. Leaving Haven will hav eyou craving more of Kathleen McCleary.


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