Double Sauté: An Erotic Journey to the Far East

Sandra is not typically the type to read the classifieds or even answer one. However there was an ad that caught her attention. It was advertising for a female dinner companion. That is how Sandra met Johnny. From there their relationship was purely sexual. Well with some food mixed in. Sandra and Johnny decide to take a trip to Toyko to have a food experience there. The trip will change Sandra and Johnny.
Double Sauté is an steamy, sizzling read. Who knew that there were so many cooking references that you could use to describe different sexual positions or acts. I sure did not know. In fact lets just say that I will always think of this book when I see the words "Double Saute".

While this is a quick read and I did not mind the sex, I was not feeling Sandra and Johnny together. Also, it seemed that once Sandra and Johnny got to Toyko the story really speed up and there were too many other characters making speedy appearances that I really had no interest in. Overall, I could share in the author's love of food as a foodie. This book did deliver on the promise of a good sexual, food experience.

About the Author

Tamara Hart is a foodie and a traveler. She's sampled gourmet fare in unusual places, and has written many travel guides and restaurant reviews, though under a different name.

Tamara considers herself a "Frog Kisser," a young woman who's not afraid of kissing a lot of frogs in order to find her prince. These days, finding that prince seems to be just an excuse for a lot of kissing. Since she's a good writer, it makes for a perfect "kiss and tell."

Her books contain adult content.


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