Up a Dry Creek

Review by Nancy

Claire couldn’t cook worth a lick but she had put together a great restaurant and it was the most popular restaurant for several counties. Dry Creek, Nebraska wasn’t a metropolis by any means; and everyone knew everyone else’s business. Her oldest brother was the Chief of Police, middle brother a staid professor and youngest brother had won the lottery awhile back. Claire was at least a foot shorter than the shortest of the brothers, coming in at just arou9nd five feet (without heels).

When she took the trash out after closing one night the last thing she expected to see was a body in her dumpster. Especially a body who had eaten at her place that same evening! Oldest bro wasn’t too thrilled, either. Claire’s week quickly goes from bad to worse as the father of the “body” sends in his own man to be sure things are done right. The killer (now referred to as the Voice of Doom) has been making phone calls to Claire wanting the victim’s cell phone and memory card. What?

The private eye has issues with Claire. Ones that can only be solved somewhere private, preferably with sheets. Once they laid eyes on each other is was only a matter of time. But Claire had been badly hurt before – and so had Jake. Do they have the nerve to try again? Assuming of course, that they live long enough.
Ms. Flynn has done a bang-up job of creating an unusual plot, characters that never say die and an few pretty decent sex scenes thrown in for good measure. I loved it and want MORE!

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Dana said…
Great review. Sounds like a fun read.
Avery Flynn said…
Oh, I'm so glad you liked Up a Dry Creek. Never say die, that pretty much sums up Claire. :)

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