Caged in Darkness

Review by Nancy

Savannah “S” showed up in the darkness at Maye Emmons’ home. She had escaped her parents – die hard black witches who made her watch sacrifices twice a week: human sacrifices – and was not going back. Fortunately, Meadow Falls knew all about her parents; they had helped found the coven there and had been kicked out of it when folks found out their dark leanings.

Going to school was a chore, S had her best friend Willow and Maye’s other itinerant person, Ash to watch over her but they all want her. The Meadow Falls witches want her and the Sacred Moon group wants her more! Since her ascension is getting closer S’s magic is totally out of control. She tries to distance herself from stressful situations and naturally walks right into one. Liam, son of the Sacred Moon high priestess; is supposed to seduce Savannah (his special talent) into joining them. Ash, always there, always helping, has fallen hard for her himself. Which one? Neither? Many things can be changed with her choice.

What a great story! An unusual plot, typical teen angst and bad, bad people all wrapped up in one. J. D. Stroube has done a most excellent job and I wait not too patiently to see her next tale.

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