Hot, Shot and Bothered is the perfect cozy mystery novel to add to your collection.

Lilly Hawkins works for KJAY news as a shooter. Lilly was finishing up packing the news truck when she sees the coroner’s van go racing by. Lilly’s nose for news goes racing. Lilly jumps into the truck and takes off after the coroner. When Lilly arrives at the scene, there are some divers pulling a body out of the lake. At first glance, it seems that the death was the unfortunate result of a drowning accident but Lilly suspects there is more to the story, when Lilly realizes that she knows the victim.

Hot, Shot and Bothered is book two of the Lilly Hawkins novels. The first book is A Bad Day’s Work. This book can be read as a stand alone novel, which is a good thing as I started with Hot, Shot and Bothered. Hot, Shot and Bothered is the perfect cozy mystery novel to add to your collection.

Lilly was the star of this book. She is a wise cracker, who had determination, can hold her own with the guys and is the right woman for the job. Just don’t call her a reporter. She is a “shooter”. There is a big difference. A reporter is someone who is in front of the camera and reports the news, whereas, a shooter is the video camera person, who video takes everything. This book is a quick read. I was already half way done before I stopped to take a break. The characters in this book were entertaining. They are people that I would expect to see in a who dun it book. I plan to go back and check out the first book as well as keeping my eyes on the release of book three.


Marie said…
I love cozies! This one sounds fun. I'll keep a look out for it. Nice review.
Nora McFarland said…
Thanks for reviewing my book. I'm so glad you liked it!!!
Dana said…
Sounds great. It's on my tbr now.

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